What is a pre-construction service contract?

Pre-construction services are offered before construction begins. During this phase, the Fraser Construction team plans, analyzes and establishes the needs for the unique construction project. This is a crucial phase in the process, because it provides an opportunity to educate clients on what will be needed — functionally and financially — to make their project a reality.

A pre-construction service contract requires a lump sum investment to begin the conceptual and design development of the project. There is no obligation to continue to the construction phase.

This is the first step in a Construction Management At Risk contract, which is typically followed with the completion of plans and the construction phase.

What is Fraser Construction’s approach?

We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to a construction project. The pre-construction process lays a strong foundation with thorough due diligence and site planning. 

Pre-construction services include formulating preliminary costs and preliminary construction schedules. Design Development Budgets are typically performed when the project’s architect has floor plans, elevations, some details and schedules. At this point, the consulting engineers might have narratives and drawings.

Fraser Construction’s goal is to provide competitive bids from a large pool of qualified and insured subcontractors and suppliers. Our dedication to quality includes the following process:

  • Standard Industry Formats: We provide detailed CSI 33-division format and summary schedule of values, along with estimates for alternates and value engineering the client may want to pursue. We perform these estimates using a combination of subcontractor input and historical costs.
  • Thorough Research: We review subcontractor and supplier bids and check them against the plans, specifications, Fraser take-off quantities, schedules, and the owner’s general requirements.
  • Cost Considerations: For those design firms that use 3D models, such as Revit and CAD360, we refine our quantity takeoffs with data extractions from the models. In Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk formats, permitting runs concurrently with our subcontractor bidding.
  • Identifying Bottlenecks: Finally, we provide a constructability study — a comprehensive review of the construction process from beginning to end that aims to prevent errors, delays and budget overruns. We look for obstacles before the project is built, establishing efficient and economical approaches to the project.

All of this information is necessary to start the financial planning and begin the land purchase process.

What makes Fraser Construction different?

After more than 40 years in business, Fraser Construction has developed a reputable process with an emphasis on quality and cost control. We have constructed iconic places throughout the Southeast — from universities and churches to clubhouses and hotels.

Our unique and extensive background with a variety of projects has provided us with an unparalleled knowledge of the Southern market. Additionally, our development experience allows us to think like developers. We understand the importance of proper due diligence and cost analysis. Knowing the rough costs of constructing a building before design is underway or complete can be an important step in owners and developer’s decision process.

In addition to a long reputation of trust and quality, we have the experience to provide quick historical costs during preliminary planning to determine which course of action to take with the design team. We use a database of costs and durations from a diverse and prolific portfolio of projects compiled over the past 40 years to provide realistic and accurate budgets.

"IT'S A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH SUCH A REMARKABLE TEAM LIKE FRASER CONSTRUCTION. They're an enjoyable group of professionals and they're dedicated to completing the project on time, with excellent quality and they're committed to satisfying all of the buyers."

Chuck Pigg, V.P. Real Estate Greenwood Development

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