Construction Management At Risk

The philosophy of Fraser Construction is to have a deep understanding of desired program, goals, budget and constraints early in a project in order to help the design team find the best value – maximizing  quality while minimizing cost and schedule. Fraser Construction continually focuses on the overarching goals and value as the project progresses from design to construction to closeout.

Construction Management At Risk allows the construction company to be involved during the early stages of a project. While the client is the one to manage the Architect and Design Team, the construction company is still able to produce a Guaranteed Maximum Price by managing the process early. The role of the construction manager is to provide cost, schedule and constructability input to the owner and Design team.

There are a number of advantages to forming a team early — so that the best project is built for the best value:

  • better cost feedback during the design process
  • more time for the contractor to thoroughly grasp the scope and details of the project
  • more time for the owner, design team, and contractor to develop a mutual sense of understanding for the project 

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