Sea Pines Plantation Golf Clubhouse receives Clubhouse of the Year award from Golf Inc, 2015

When Golf Inc called Cooper Carry Architects to tell that the Sea Pines Plantation Golf Clubhouse was awarded the 2015 Clubhouse of the Year award, they said two things: “One, the picture of your clubhouse is our new computer backdrop, and two, the competition wasn’t even close.”

Fraser Construction completed the 37,916 SF golf club facilities that replaced an 45-year-old clubhouse of the same name. The new clubhouse includes a pro shop that with more than 2,000 square feet, a restaurant — Live Oaks — that serves Lowcountry cuisine in breakfast, lunch and dinner format, and a 2,000-square-foot multi-use room named the Magnolia Room.

“One of the things I think is very successful on the project is the way the building presents itself on the front; it has a level of formality,” said Manny Dominguez, director of design at Cooper Carry, the firm that designed the clubhouse.

“As you walk into the building, it really becomes a very relaxed environment. When you’re on the back porch, it has transformed itself into this resort environment.”

Large, Southern-style, covered porches wrap around the building and offer a lot of space.

As Steve Birdwell, Sea Pines Resort president puts it, “We made those oversized so that when we put dining tables out there, there’s still plenty of room to circulate around. You don’t feel like you’re trying to step around people sitting in chairs.”

One contest judge described the facility as “Lowcountry in every aspect. A home run.”

Fraser Construction extends gratitude to the David Pettigrew and the subcontractors and suppliers that made this award possible.

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