Made by Blue Sky Hemp CBD Processing Plant Grand Opening

Made by Blue Sky – Built by Fraser Construction to bring innovative new technology, jobs, and prosperity to Beaufort County, SC

Blue Sky Processing held its grand opening Thursday, May 16. About 200 residents as well as local and state dignitaries gathered to celebrate the Palmetto State’s newest hemp CBD processing plant. After a ribbon-cutting and champagne toast, guests toured the 15,000 square-foot facility built by Fraser Construction near Gardens Corner in the Sheldon community. The operation will create 16 jobs and help establish South Carolina as a leader in the space. 

Dignitaries and members of Made By Blue Sky pose just before the ribbon is cut -
From left to right - Front Row: Gerald Dawson(Beaufort County Councilman, District 1) Tom Davis (SC Senator, District 46) Pamela Evette (SC Lt. Governor) Michael Hartsel (Chief Engineer, Made By Blue Sky) Jennifer Pfuhl (President, Made by Blue Sky) Josh Hartsel (CEO, Made by Blue Sky) Blakely Williams ( President and CEO, Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce), Hugh Weathers (Commissioner, SC Department of Agriculture), Margie Bright-Mathews (SC Senator, District 45) John O’Toole (Executive Director, Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation) Back Row: Employees of Blue Sky

Blue Sky is the first hemp refinery to be built in the Southern portion of the state and is unique thanks to its proprietary Delta-9 Technologies extraction equipment — the only automated hydrocarbon extraction system on the market. Fraser Construction, the leading commercial construction firm in Beaufort County built the facility and is looking forward to Phase 2 of Project Sky, the commerce park that will be the hub of the Hemp Industry in South Carolina. Blue Sky “is at the forefront of a vastly expanding market, the CBD oil extraction industry,” explains Matt Haire, Pre-Construction manager at Fraser Construction. “This building is the first of its kind in the state and we are here at Fraser are delighted to be part of bringing the hemp industry to South Carolina.”

Members of Fraser Construction and Architecture 101 pose with local dignitaries outside the new 15,000 square foot building – Fraser Construction is the leading commercial builder in Beaufort County, SC and an active advocate for the Agricultural Hemp Industry From Left to Right - Gerald Dawson(Beaufort County Councilman, District 1), Matt Haire (Pre-Construction Manager, Fraser Construction) Hugh Weathers (Commissioner, SC Department of Agriculture), Grayson Angel (Project Manager, Fraser Construction) Steven Stowers (Architecture 101) Adam Drummond (Architecture 101), Margie Bright-Mathews (SC Senator, District 45), Jay Fraser (Vice President, Fraser Construction) Joe Fraser (President, Fraser Construction)

Senator Tom Davis celebrates after dumping bio mass into the extraction machine
Davis has been a strong advocate for the Agricultural Hemp and Medical Cannabis industries in South Carolina

Another advantage Blue Sky has is its short path distillation machine, which produces a purer form of oil. Many processors don’t have that option, so Blue Sky may find ample opportunity to take the handoff from other processors and further distill their crude product.

Made By Blue Sky CEO Josh Hartsel explains the refining process as he gives tours of the new facility

“One of the things that makes hydrocarbons unique is the diversity and quality of products we can make compared to CO2 and ethanol extraction methods,” Hartsel explained to the first group to tour the facility. “They’re really limited to isolate and distillate, whereas we can make a lot of the high-value products that you would associate with the cannabis industry, that are now being sold in CBD markets around the country.”

Made By Blue Sky President Jennifer Pfuhl hands out CBD infused chap stick during tours of the new facility as an example of their white label products

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